From 2011 until 2016, almost 60 international speed skaters have trained at our Kia Speed Skating Academy in Inzell under the guidance of our Staff members. Here under you can find all the skaters that have trained with us in that period.

Since 2016, we decided to continue purely as a Top Sport Facility under the name of Kia Top Sport Hotel. Many of these skaters still come to our hotel for their training camps and races in Inzell. Simply because we offer the best place to stay for a Top Athlete!



Kaspar Kaljuvee
Laura de Candido
Livio Wenger

Marten Liiv

Peter Michael
Scott Anderson
Tuomas Rahnasto


Agota Lykovcan

Anna Badayeva
Beixing Wang 
Cristina Radu
Dalanbayar Delgermaa

Elina Risku

Jana Vodičková
Jee-Min Ahn

Johanna Östlund

Julia Berenschot

Kaitlyn McGregor

Marie Haugli

Marit Böhm

Saskia Alusalu

Shruti Kotwal

Svetlana Kaykan

Akio Ohta

Artur Was

Benjamin Macé

Ching-Yang Sung

Espen Hvammen

Espen Tveit

Ewen Fernandez

Gustav Akesson

Haralds Silovs

Hiroki Abe

Iñigo Vidondo

Jeremy Wotherspoon

Jordan McMillen

Maciej Biega

Marian Cristian Ion

Marius Paraschivoiu

Mart Markus

Matt Rittenhouse

Roman Krech

Sebastiaan Oranje

Stefan Due Schmidt

Sun Longjiang

Uuganbaatar Galbaatar

Valentin Anghel

Vitaly Malginov
Yang Fan


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