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George Ekkelenkamp - Ekkelenkamp WebsolutionsSomething new like the Speed Skating Academy and immediately a new website?
'Right! Years ago, when Marnix had just started, we came into contact. We had a mutual acquaintance at the skating clothes manufacturer Lorini sportswear, which the Swedish speed skaters now skate in. had a website, but we have made an improved second version. And when Marnix started with the KIA Speed Skating Academy, it was logical that we would build them a site. It is nice to know that a speed skating icon as Jeremy Wotherspoon and his girlfriend will be filling the site with content in the future. "

How fast do you build a website anyway?
"Phew! Anyone can build one, but a good one, a beautiful and functional website, is something else. That the site is easy to find, for example, always the best possition in search engines, that is a really difficult job. I make about two websites per month. I work a lot for small and medium-sized businesses. If necessary, I hire people and knowledge of others and that makes me fast and flexible. I have developed my own content management system, called Easy4U CMS. This is very easy to manage by the customer. So for example, you can quickly put in the latest skating news, blog posts, images and more. "

Do you skate yourself?
"On natural ice I do, I seize every opportunity to ride a tour, though this does not happen often. But skating on a track, is not for me. I have a nice pair of Viking skates and I am happy with them. My father had a sports shop and so it was logical that I skated when I was young. Therefore I really like to be involved in the KIA Speed Skating Academy, I like doing it.
"I could not sponsor Marnix. He said: You do it for free or you do not do it at all. In any case, it is nice to show other people what you can do. And you never know how things work out in future. Although that is not our reason for doing it. But if it turns out like that, it is always a nice bonus."

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George Ekkelenkamp
Owner of Ekkelenkamp Websolutions v.o.f.

The website of KIA Speed Skating Academy is powered by Easy4U CMS, a product of Ekkelenkamp Websolutions

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