Jan Driessen - Director of communication AEGON

Jan, if you are really honest about Wieberdink?
"Then I must admit that at the start I considered him as a handy commercial odd-jobber. I thought that he was out for his own gain by placing logos on foreign skaters suits at "sell-out" prices. We were paying millions of Euros for a small piece of space on the Dutch teams skating suits and we got the impression that he was ruining the market with his "give away" prices. We considered this as bad for the appreciation of the sport and for the value of our investment. On top of that he was strolling around the middle area with a Korean accreditation, while we as the biggest skating sponsor were not even allowed in the vicinity, we felt stung."

Why has Aegon then still become ambassadoor of the KIA Speed Skating Academy?
"Because, through the years I have become convinced that Marnix has been busy with heart and soul for skating. In the beginning I had been completely wrong in my judgement of him. Each Euro that he earned he reinvested in skating, travelled far and wide to get it together and knew how to arrange it all for free. Marnix has worked hard, sometimes at the expense of his own health. Now we see what has been achieved, a skaters hotel with its own sauna."

And what is your final judgement of Marnix?
"I think of him as a gamechanger, someone who knows how to change the rules, a completely different and unorthodox approach. He has managed to turn Korea upside down by introducing skating, he is a hero there. I now realize that he never was out for any financial gain. That is why AEGON gladly wants to help him, although we have withdrawn from skating. The skating establishment can be thankful to him."

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Jan Driessen - AEGON


Jan Driessen
Director of communication AEGON

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