Jeroen van der Poel - Director business development of G4S

What does G4S do?
"We are the world's leading international security solutions group. In more than 120 countries, we have 625,000 employees and we are growing everyday. Especially in Asia. In the Netherlands we are also market leader with about 10,000 employees. We do the security of numerous organizations, we provide transport and processing of cash and valuables, we work at Schiphol airport and we are working at big projects for the police and the Ministry of Justice.
You find us in many branches. The nice thing about the sponsorship is that we established the speed skating sponsorship in the Netherlands, but recently I received an email from a Chinese colleague who asked me how it was possible that Chinese speed skaters were wearing suits with the G4S logo on it. Then you see your company is working worldwide. "

Why did G4S become an "AmbassaDOOR" of the KIA Speed Skating Academy?
"We are working together with Sport Navigator.NL for four years now and the cooperation is more than excellent. At first we just rented a tent next to Thialf were we invited our clients, after that we became a boarding sponsor and after the Olympics in Turin we became sponsor of many international speed skaters. Our customers and employees love it. Speed skating is a sport that suits us, you can feel safe and carefree. That is the pleasant feeling that we are seeking."

Did it take you some time to consider supporting the KIA Speed Skating Academy?
"No. The sponsor proposition that Marnix offers is excellent, the relation between price, range and quality is just more than good. Therefore we did not need time to consider supporting the KIA Speed Skating Academy. We even committed ourselves to sell a few doors for Marnix. It is a logical step in our support of the foreign speed skaters, eventually they will spread our name. Inzell has great potential, after all it has everything to successfully work on your speed skating career. "

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Jeroen van der Poel - G4S


Jeroen van der Poel
Director business development of G4S

Hogehilweg 12
1101 CD Amsterdam
The Netherlands