Kia Speed Skating Academy Welcomes New Season

The Kia Speed Skating Academy is proud to announce that the 2012-2013 training season has begun in Inzell with many new athletes and returning skaters. On June 1st 2012 the Kia Speed Skating Academy began the new season with some fresh faces from several countries: 16 Nationalities in total, a new record!  

From Switzerland, we welcomed Kaitlyn McGregor, the youngest new skater of the group. Also a young and promising girl on the ice is Jee-Min Ahn from South Korea. The last new girl is Elina Risku from Finland, who arrived even yesterday. From Kazakhstan, Roman Krech and Vitaliy Malginov joined the group and from Japan we welcomed the distance skater Hiroki Abe. Espen Tveit, a young and talented skater from Norway, also found his way to the beautiful German village.  

These promising young skaters are joined by returning athletes like Johanna stlund (Sweden), Artur Was (Poland) and Benjamin Macé (France), but also the allround-surprise of last season Haralds Silovs (Latvia). These skaters, who made great improvements last season will be back in Inzell again and join the new ones to prepare for coming winter season and ultimately: the Winter Olympic Games in Sotchi (2014).  

Many of these invited skaters were selected in close cooperation with the International Skating Union (ISU) and the specific national skating federations from the mentioned countries, with whom the Kia Speed Skating Academy is cooperating.  

Jeremy Wotherspoon, head coach of the team: "We have a very promising young group of skaters this year, and so far we are very happy with how the athletes are performing in training. This years group of athletes is very dedicated and hard working in training. We are very excited about the upcoming season to see what our new skaters can achieve and to build on the work we did last year with our returning skaters.  

With summer ice beginning in Inzell this Saturday, the Kia Speed Skating Academy will welcome more new and returning skaters in the coming weeks, and looks forward to a fun and successful season!
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