Comeback Wotherspoon in Olympic Season

Jeremy Wotherspoon makes his comeback as a long track speedskater. The Canadian, coach of the Kia Speed Skating Academy in the past years, will focus one more time completely to win that one medal in Sochi that is still missing: Olympic Gold. Wotherspoon stopped skating after the last Olympics of Vancouver in 2010. Jan Bos, for many years one of Wotherspoon�s biggest rivals, will be the new Assistant-coach of Head-coach Wim den Elsen at the Kia Speed Skating Academy and therefore will support Wotherspoon to chase his dream.


It kept playing in Wotherspoon�s mind the last couple of years. While coaching in Inzell the former World Champion and current world record holder 500 meters, realized that he actually wanted to train together with his athletes. Wotherspoon: "After a lot of time and deliberation, I have decided to make a return to competition this season. It has been three years since my retirement and I have not been able to completely move on mentally from being an athlete. I have not been able to ignore the idea of competing again, and I know that I can only do this now; there is no later chance for me to return to competition.

"My biggest goal and motivation is to win a medal in Sochi. I have never felt a sense of fulfillment from my Olympic experiences; this is my last chance to find that fulfillment. This will be a massive challenge, and I must be very smart with my physical training, confident in my mental preparation and totally committed when I compete.

I will continue to live in Inzell and train as a full time member of the KIA Speed Skating Academy for the 2013-14 season. I will return to my duties as a KIA Speed Skating Academy coach after this season.�

Next to the comeback of Wotherspoon, Jan Bos is presented as the new Assistant-coach of the team. The Dutchman, the first Dutch World Sprint Champion, is getting his trainers diploma at the KNSB (Dutch National Skating Federation), but did not yet commit to a team. "After being out of the sport for a while and getting my Master in Management at the Johan Cruijff Institute, I am happy to get back in the sport in this way. Before Marnix Wieberdink contacted me, I already had the idea of starting here in Inzell at the Kia Speed Skating Academy. To me, coaching an international team is a really big challenge and adventure. It gives me the chance to help speed skating get to a higher level internationally. That is also why I directly said YES when Marnix asked me, even before I knew the reason for it, the comeback of the current World Record holder. I think it is really special and brave that Jeremy is chasing his dream and it would be amazing if he will succeed.�

Marnix Wieberdink, founder of the Kia Speed Skating Academy, is extremely proud of the very special change within his team: "Friends are meant to help each other out and to be loyal to each other. Jeremy helped me to realize my dream by becoming my coach here in Inzell, a few years ago. Now that I felt that his "heart kept bleeding� to get back as an athlete, we decided together to chase his dream. That Jeremy wants to make his comeback already gave me a special feeling, but that he will train with our team ass a full member to do this, to me is the proof that we build something good here in Inzell. That I can contribute so directly to this special comeback makes me feel proud.�

About Jan Bos:
"I have known Jan since he was 13. We skated together at the same speed skating club and stayed in contact afterwards. In my vision, Jan fits extremely well in the staff team that I want to create. He is an experienced skater, Jeremy and he were both technically perfect skaters en their personalities are pretty similar too. Jan will be the assistant of Wim den Elsen, who will be the Head-coach of the Kia Speed Skating Academy from today. For the entire team, this will be an enormous boost to work �nd train with these world class skaters. Jeremy and Jan both think similar about speed skating and together with Wim we will create a great program for each individual skater. Thanks to our sponsors like Clafis Ingenieus and Kia, we have the financial resources to secure the extra staff members and facilities that we need for this comeback!�, says Wieberdink.

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