ISU extends support to project in Inzell

Select group of international skaters can count on ISU Council Support for coming season

INZELL, May 15, 2015

For the upcoming skating season, the Kia Speed Skating Academy in Inzell will be supported again by the ISU Council in its aim to be a good place for a select number of international speed skaters. The past 4 years have shown the ISU that its support for the project has made a significant contribution to the development of the individual level of a number of international skaters. With the financial support a select group of international skaters can train at an adequate level and prepare themselves for the international competitions. Many international skaters and dozens of countries have already benefitted from it in recent years.

Marnix Wieberdink, founder of the KIA Speed Skating Academy, is pleased with the commitment of the ISU: "I am proud that we have the trust of the ISU and that we can continue working together. Thanks to the ISU, we are not on our own in our wish to offer international skaters a place to compete with the world top. The registration process for the upcoming season has also started, so we are now working hard to put the team together."

New at the Kia Speed Skating Academy is that they are open to former Dutch Junior Team members and other Dutch skating talents as well, so they can prepare themselves in Inzell for a possible switch to a Dutch professional team. They will also act as important training partners for the international skaters. Interested skaters can register at:

Wieberdink: "We are open for this, since the level of international skaters we had in Inzell was not always adequate to let the team skate faster as a whole, because of the lack of speed in the team. Since it is still our desire to offer skaters an environment where they can skate faster, the addition of Dutch skating talents is a new element within the structure of the KIA Speed Skating Academy. "

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