Great season has ended for the Kia Academy

Now that all the ice rinks are closed and spring has started, the season of the Kia Speed Skating Academy team has also ended. This was the 5th year of the Academy and in total 61 skaters have trained at the Kia Speed Skating Academy in Inzell. 22 Ladies and 39 Men with 30 different nationalities, a very multinational “Centre of Sport Excellence” and contributing to increased international development!‎ (40 from these skaters were ISU Council Supported.)

During the last 5 years, “our” skaters performed very well, with hundreds of Personal Records, dozens of National Records and various medals at the big ISU Championships.

We had 1 Junior World Champion, 2 ISU World Cup victories, 4 medals at the Junior World Championships, 2 distance medals at the World Sprint Championships and 6 ISU Senior World Cup medals until March 2016. A great achievement for everyone involved!

Thanks to all the people who have contributed to these great results, we are very proud of these achievements!

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